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Welcome to Tucson, home base and headquarters for the 2010 Mid '50 - Mid '60 Nassoons' annual reunion. Sorry, I couldn't recover anything more of the original Tucson web page, but here was the schedule we followed:

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Here's a look at the review appearing in the Winter, 2010 issue of Nassoon Notes. 

The Sonoran Sing

By Bob Taylor '59


Nassoons from the 1950s and early 1960s (plus some notable "freshmen” ringers) arrived in Tucson in late October for their annual get-together. The Sonoran Desert was warm and welcoming, and Bob & Beth Taylor ('59) took great delight showing it off to the 26 gathered Nassoons plus 18 spouses/guests. Our lodging at the 5-Star Loews Ventana Canyon Resort was booked last spring at a fabulous rate, and the hotel bent over backwards to make sure that our stay was a memorable one.


After two days of rigorous rehearsal under the unforgiving baton of Maestro Rich McGlynn ‘60, we went public with an evening dinner and well-received entertainment at Tucson Country Club, featuring not only the large group but also the Coast to Coast quartet who add a great dimension to our time-honored offerings. 


The following day featured a big early evening concert at St Philip's Episcopal Church sponsored by the Friends of Music there.  St Philip's has a very active music program, and we were flattered to be asked to perform as part of their concert series. While the event was free, admission offerings netted close to $1200 for the kids' after school music and tutoring program at St. Philips. (Yes, we actually performed for money).  Publicity by the Princeton Club of Southern Arizona and some of the other Ivies brought in a good and lively audience of music lovers. Revived for the Southwest occasion was Bob Morgan’s ('56) great arrangement of Adios which became our concert signoff number (see below). We also enjoyed featuring Const to Coast's new verses (recently scored by Kent Mullikin '64) to The Four Winds and the Seven Seas and All the Things You Are. Saturday night featured a casual get-together at the Taylor's home overlooking the valley.


A highlight of the reunion was the rebirth of the Baritone Car,  a ‘51 two-door Chevy Bel Air hardtop identical to the one Erich Everbach ‘58 had at Princeton back in the good old days. (See article on page 2). After a challenge last year from Hank McKinney '59,  Erich spent a small fortune bringing it back to like-new condition — a state never observed during the original's time at Princeton, when it was the official transport vehicle for the baritone section and saw much hard use. 


Aside from enjoying a wonderful time in the Desert — made special by visits to places such as Tucson's Desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, the San Xavier Mission and a fabulous Lewis and Clark exhibit at the Tucson Art Museum, we found ourselves increasingly enjoying each other's company. That company was made even more special by our ladies, who are every bit as important to our success and enjoyment (not to mention audience enthusiasm). There was lots of love in the air in Tucson, and speaking for all of us, we can't wait till the next time we are together again.

Click here to learn about the infamous BariCar

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