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June 2007
EXTRA!!! Extra!!! Read All About it! Princeton Nassoon Alumni Perform at 2007 Piccolo Spoleto!

Well, they weren't exactly shouting it out from every street corner, but here's what the local paper, The Charleston Post and Courier, had to say about it:

"This reunion was a long time in planning but it was more than well worth the wait.

The agenda was nothing short of superb. The good Doctor Watts and his even

better spouse Carol outdid themselves in making all the arrangements."

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Altogether, twenty-seven souls showed up, count 'em, 27 stalwart '50s/'60s Nassoons.... Roger Bates, Steve Blakeslee, Bob Brodsky and Toni Treadway, Dunc and Joan Dempster, Rick Eisenhart, Eric and Patsy Everbach, Jerry and Betsy Ford, Dean Harrison, Chuck Goldberg, Dick and Carol Grieves, Pete and Lana Graff, JD & Judy Helms, Dave Howell and Carolyn Davis, Buzz and Sue Kelsey, Blair Klein, Gary Lane, Don and Judi LeWin, Hank and Mary McKinney, Rich and Vicky McGlynn, Kent Mulliken, John Peiper, Lew Ross and Miles Dumont , Jim Schenkel, Barry Schuman, Chuck Sethness, Bob & Beth Taylor, Dave and Carol Watts. and.... never to be forgotten, Dee Rinker.

And who can forget that memorable bus trip over the river and far away to

Pics and music both are worth several thousand words. Some of the pics can be seen right here below. Send me any good ones you have. Below that are a few film clips

See Them (click on any pic to see larger version and to download)

Hear them (click to watch and listen)

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