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Battery Bash
 Nov, 1999

'Soons Ferret Charleston


   To all those great Nassoons of the Classes of 1957 through 1963, and various other years thereabouts..... here's grits in yer eye!

     What a reunion, and what a group!! Converging November 4th thru 8th from the far corners of the earth to Charleston's fabulous southern hospitality came no fewer than twenty-one, count 'em, 21 stalwart '50s/'60s Nassoons.... Roger Bates, Bob Brodsky and Toni Treadway, Jim and Ann Crawford, Dunc and Joan Dempster, Chuck Goldberg, Dick and Carol Grieves, Pete and Lana Graff, JD & Judy Helms, Dave Howell and Carol White, Don and Judi Le Win, Hugh Madden, Rich and Vicky McGlynn, Mac McMorris, Mac Mellor, John Peiper, Dick and Lin Peterson, Lew Ross, Barry & Helena Schuman, Chuck and Geri Sethness, Bob & Beth Taylor, Dave and Carol Watts.

   The agenda was vintage 'Soon... accommodations in the deep dish heart of historic Charleston, raucous, rambunctious rehearsals in the rented Fulton Lane Inn 'Soon Room replete with portable keyboard, Black Books plus assorted sheet music, and appropriate libations, beaucoup free time for various organized and disorganized touring/shopping/ sightseeing activities, receptions and performances galore at the gracious homes of Margo & Boykin Rose, Dave & Carol Watts, and Dee Rinker plus a special Alumni Association performance at the Gibbes Art Museum.


    And who can forget that memorable bus trip over to Columbia to sing for our supper at Dee Rinker's beautiful "House That Dave Built?" What a blast, with nonstop jokes and memorabilia and Nassoon nonsense ad nauseum! And what a grand homecoming once we arrived! Who among us can describe the pleasure to finally being able to fulfill Dave's dream of the Nassoons singing in that acoustically magnificent living room!


  Pics and music both are worth several thousand words. Some of the pics can be seen right here below. Send me any good ones you have. The sounds will have to wait a while until the CD of our performance at Dee's home arrives.


And a review from the Feb, 2000 issue of Nassoon Notes

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